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macOS 11+


Command Palette

Command Palette serves as a handy tool designed to simplify your tasks. It allows you to quickly navigate to a folder and execute a command.

Command palette

File preview

DoubleXplorer has built-in preview for many file types. Programmers will also benefit from this feature, as it includes built-in syntax highlighting for many languages.

File preview

Directory compare

Compare directories, including subdirectories between two panels. Additionally, you have the option to directly compare local files with those stored in remote storage locations.

File compare
Blazing fast

DoubleXplorer can be operated quickly using keyboard shortcuts. It is also optimized for mouse use.

Advanced File Search

DoubleXplorer features an advanced built-in file search functionality with support for rules and various options. It also allows saving search configurations.


Add your custom commands and assign keyboard shortcuts to launch specific applications for particular file types.

Side Bar and Bookmarks Bar

Add quick links to important folders, and access them quickly from the bookmarks bar or the sidebar.

Manage your files with ease

DoubleXplorer has two file panels, which you can switch between using the Tab key. This layout enables quicker access to files and facilitates easier execution of operations.

File Details

View all file details and a small preview in the panel on the right.

Quick Search

You can quickly search for files directly within the file panel, and the corresponding results will be highlighted.

Connect to servers

DoubleXplorer enables seamless connection to diverse file providers (Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive) for display and file transfer.

Open/Edit files from servers and archives

Seamlessly open and edit files on servers or within archives. DoubleXplorer simplifies the process, automatically uploading changes back to the server.


Customize the program's appearance by creating your own color schemes.

Virtual Folders

Create folders which will contain files matching specific rules and options.


Add as many tabs as desired, and you can also move them between windows.

Rich archive support

DoubleXplorer offers support for numerous archive formats, including 7z, Rar, Tar, Zip, and more. Navigate archives like folders, and make modifications within them or create new ones.


Operations queue allows you to control all the ongoing tasks in one place. There is also a file conflict recovery mechanism which gives you many options.

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macOS 11+